The theme for the Month of March: Balls

For the month of the March  the theme for the children is all about balls. During March, the children will learn about

 ~ What balls are

~ If all balls bounce

~ To identify different types of balls

~ What makes balls move

~ Who uses balls

~ How balls are made

~ If all balls rolls

Parents you can do these fun activities with your child that they can share in class while we learn about balls

~ Talk about the shapes and size of balls

~ Write the word “Balls”

~ Take a tour of a sports store with your child for them to see all the different types of balls.

~ Have your child paint or draw a picture of their favorite type of ball.

~ Collect pictures of balls and encourage your child to sort them. Your child might also enjoy making a collage by arranging and gluing the balls on paper.

~ Examine and play with different types and textures of balls with your child.