Rally Against the Proposed Homeless Shelter to be held at SECA

Dear Parents,

As you know, a crime took place on our property earlier this week. Thankfully, through the efforts of the 102nd Precinct, the suspect, a homeless man, was apprehended quickly. I, along with other neighborhood leaders am very concerned because in my 33 years here at St. Elizabeth, nothing like this has ever happened. My predecessor, Mr. Ferguson, who has almost 50 years of service to this community, agrees that we’ve never seen an incident like this before.

Sadly, we have reason to believe that this incident is connected to the proposed shelter on 101st Avenue and 86th Street. The fight against this shelter is a priority for the newly resurrected Ozone Park Block Association and of course, it is a priority for me, because I am responsible for the safety of your children while they are here in school.

The Block Association is planning a rally this Saturday Afternoon at 2 pm in front of our school. If you are available, please come to support the fight against this shelter. Below you can find the flyer that is being distributed by the Block Association.

Thank you,

Jeanne A. Shannon




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