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Welcome to Ms. Acquista and Mrs. Clara’s Pre-K For All class webpage! We will post weekly updates of what your child is learning. Please check back regularly for reminders and updates of events that will be happening within our classroom.

About Your Childs Teachers

My name is Stefania Acquista. This is my third year teaching Pre-K For All at St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Academy. I have a Masters in Early Childhood Education (birth-2nd grade) from Queens College. I am also in my postmasters to receive 2 advanced certificates, one for early intervention as well as one for special education. My passion lies in the development and growth of all children. This means they come to school healthy, remain safe, and are supported, engaged, as well as challenged. I am looking forward to a wonderful year working with you and your children!

Contact Me

If you need to contact me IMMEDIATELY, as in during school hours, please feel free to call the school office at 718-843-0914.

My main form of communication is through email. You may email me at anytime and I try to respond as quickly as possible, definitely by the end of the school day. Please feel free to contact me with any concerns you may have about your child’s development.

My email address:

Remind Text

Also, if you wish to receive texts or alerts, PLEASE sign up for the Remind app, it is free and convenient. I will send out announcements, school closings, and special events through the app. It will help take the burden of remembering off of you! To participate in receiving text message reminders, simply send a text to 81010 with the message @msacqui


  • Please make sure your child is wearing sneakers everyday to school, as we do gross motor outdoors, especially on Wednesday’s, because we have gym.
  • Each Friday your child will come home with their bed sheet and blanket in their schoolbag. Please wash them and send them back to school on Monday. Also, the size of their mat is the size of a toddler bed; therefore, that is the only size sheet that will fit their mat properly. If possible please send in a toddler size sheet for the mat.
  • Please check, and take out everything from your child’s folder DAILY!

2019-2020 School Calendar Dates are Subject to Change


September 5: First Day of School for Students


October 14: Columbus Day- SCHOOL CLOSED

October 30: Professional Day- SCHOOL CLOSED


November 11- Veterans Day- SCHOOL CLOSED

November 27: Early Start 8:00 a.m. and Early Finish 1:00 p.m. 

November 28 AND 29: Holiday Break- SCHOOL CLOSED


December 4: Parent/ Teacher Conference- Early Dismissal 12:00 p.m.


December 17: NO AFTER SCHOOL

December 23 UNTIL January 5: Holiday Break- SCHOOL CLOSED


January 6: Classes Resume

January 20: Martin Luther King Day- SCHOOL CLOSED


February 17 UNTIL February 21: Mid- Winter Recess- SCHOOL CLOSED

February 24: Classes Resume

February 30: Professional Day- SCHOOL CLOSED


March 19: Parent/ teacher Conference- Early Dismissal


April 9 UNTIL April 17: Spring Break- SCHOOL CLOSED

April 20: Classes Resume


May 20: Professional Day- SCHOOL CLOSED

May 25: Memorial Day- SCHOOL CLOSED


June 23: First Possible day for School Closing

Trees Study!

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Trees fascinate children and spark their curiosity and wonder. This study builds upon children’s interest in trees to help them explore science and social studies. Rather than emphasize naming different trees, this study focuses on helping children develop an understanding of the characteristics of trees and their role in our natural and man-made worlds. During the study, children use skills in literacy, math, technology, and the arts to investigate and represent their knowledge about trees.

What are the characteristics of the trees in our community?

Who lives in trees?

What food comes from trees?

Who takes care of trees?

How do trees change?

What can we do with parts of trees?

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