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Welcome to our class page! Please check back regularly for reminders and updates of events that will be happening in our classroom.

About the Teachers
My name is Melissa Imbriano.  This is my fifth year teaching at St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Academy. I have been teaching for fifteen years. Over the years I have taught an array of grades and also worked as a SETTS teacher. I have my masters in Literacy and I also have a Special Education license. As an educator, it is my goal to meet the diverse needs of every child in my class. I look forward to an amazing year and being your child’s teacher.


My name is Phyllis Burns. This is my 19th year working as a teacher assistant at St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Academy. My husband and I both graduated from this school and so did our children. They are both teachers. My son Thomas is a high school math teacher and my daughter Christine is a PreK teacher. I look forward to working with all of you this year. 


Learn At Home Resources

Posted on March 16, 2020




Keep a daily routine that works for you and your family so everyone knows what to expect.
Children thrive on routines. Following a predictable routine is a helpful way for children to feel safe
and know what is expected of them (e.g. washing hands before breakfast, reading a book before
nap, or taking a bath or shower before bed). Routines help you and your child move confidently
through the day and encourage positive behavior. At the same time, be flexible and responsive to
your children’s needs. You know your child best! Find a balance of routines and flexibility that works
for your family.
Morning Wake up routine
Reading time
Afternoon Lunch
Quiet time
Music and movement
Evening Dinner
A walk outside
Bedtime routine
● In school, teachers use pictures to help children understand what is coming next. You may
want to consider using images like those found at this link.

Take time to remind your child of a few important things everyday
● They are safe
● Where they will be that day
● Who will be taking care of them that day
● When they can expect to see you again (i.e., “I will see you after snack this afternoon.”)


Offer children lots of opportunities to stay engaged in play and learning.
For young children, everyday living is full of learning. Any of that learning they consider fun is called
play! Connecting with and talking to your child throughout the day is one of the best ways to support
their development.
● Your child’s favorite toys, games, and books offer many opportunities for learning, especially
when you play and talk with them. By talking with your child as you play, and engaging in
back and forth conversations, you are supporting the development of many important skills
(e.g. vocabulary development, communication skills, listening skills, social emotional skills,
and critical thinking skills). Always feel free to use any language your family speaks when
talking and playing with your child as this supports later learning in any language.
● Daily activities like cooking, laundry, and opening the mail offer important moments to bond
and engage with your child. The Division of Early Childhood recently created and shared a
Learning at Home resource for families of young children full of ideas for how to build
learning into your days at home. Please refer to the website above to see the activities.

Families of 4-year-olds also should have received a pack of Fun with Feelings cards this year.  There are resources online to help you use those cards at home to support play, learning, and
social emotional development
○ We suggest you start with the video “How Can I Use Fun with Feelings?


Tentative Calendar 2020-2021

Posted on October 29, 2019


12-No school-Columbus Day



11-No school-Veterans Day

26-No school-Thanksgiving Day

27-School Closed 



8-No school

11-Parent Teacher Conference-Dismissal at 12

23-31-Holiday Recess-No school



4-Classes Resume 

18-No school-Martin Luther King Jr. Day



15-19 No school-Mid Winter Recess

22-Classes Resume



25-Parent-Teacher Conference-Dismissal at 12



1- No school

2-No school

5-9-No school-Spring Break

12-Classes Resume



31-No school-Memorial Day



25-Last day of school (tentative)


There will be 4 professional days throughout the school year. On these days, there will be no school for students. Once the dates are released by the Department of Education a notice will be sent out. 


Our New Theme -Clothes

Posted on September 7, 2019

The children had so much fun studying buildings and they acquired so much information about this topic. Our next topic of investigation is clothes. In this investigation we will use our five senses to describe the fabrics of clothes, sort clothing into different categories, take a virtual trip to a laundromat, and learn about the different uniforms that people wear to work. In addition to clothes, we also be learning about the different forms of transportation. Students will sort vehicles according to how they move and they will construct vehicles using different shapes. Some topics we will be investigating are;
What are the features of clothes?
How do people make clothes?
How is cloth made?
Where do we get our clothes?

Important Dates 

Friday, January 8h-Country Day

Friday, January 15th-Favorite Character Day
Monday, January 18th-Martin Luther King,Jr Day- No school
Friday, January 22nd- International Day
Thursday-January 28th-Vehicle Creation Due

Friday, January 29th Career Day-


Posted on September 23, 2018
  • If you would like to meet with me, I would be more than happy to schedule an appointment with you. I take pride in my ability to communicate with parents, so don’t be shy!



School Number: (718) 843-0914


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