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Mrs. Aron

Hello, my name is Mrs. Aron, and I’m your child’s UPK teacher. I have been working with children for years as a dance teacher, SIET/ EI therapist, and now a lead teacher. I was inspired to teach while working as a therapist working with students with disabilities. I was a therapist at St. Elizabeth’s a few years ago and wanted to be a teacher at this school. I have my bachelors degree in psychology and a dual masters in Early Childhood and Early Childhood Special Education from Touro. I also specialize in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). I am a mother of two children and have a diverse background. I look forward to working with you and your children.

Mrs. Clara

My name is Mrs. Clara and this is my sixth year working as a Pre-K for
All Teacher’s Assistant.. My husband and I have two wonderful
children. I truly enjoy working with little children. It is amazing to watch them learn all the things they can do and to see them progress as the year goes by. They put a smile on my face.
Thank you for entrusting us with your precious gift.