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Welcome To Mrs. Aron’s and Ms. Ana’s 3K



On behalf of my self Mrs. Aron and my teacher’s assistant, Ms. Ana, we would like to welcome you all to our class web site. We hope that your children have a safe and wonderful year in our class.

Welcome and thank you for visiting! We look forward to working with you and your child on the journey in becoming life-long learners.  If you need to reach me or have a question, please send an email or give me a call.

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Why Investigate Roads?




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Roads are all around us.  Roads take us to school, to the store, and to visit family and friends.  When riding in vehicles, children gaze out of the windows and watch the world go by.  They delight in pointing out features on the road that, for adults are simply part of the landscape: light poles, reflector bumps, overpasses, and bridges.  In the classroom, roads become a key feature in the Block area, where children push toy cars from one building to another.  Outdoors, children ride trikes along paths they call “roads,” which often include traffic signs and police officers. 

Preschool children spend much of their time in the block area making connections: they move people, animals, vehicles, and objects from one place to another.  They are using roads! A study of roads provides children with an opportunity to learn how roads are made, where roads take us, how we can stay safe on the roads, and the features that make up a road.


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Turtle Bread Recipe -

Why Investigate Bread?

Bread is everywhere!  Nearly every culture in the world eats some type of bread.  From a very young age, children may be offered a variety of types of breads at meals: from toast for breakfast, to sandwiches for lunch, or tortillas for dinner.  Children spend many meals examining, tasting, and exploring bread of all kinds.  Few food experiences are as universal as bread. 

Preschool-aged children spend a lot of their time using bread:  In the Art area, they use play dough to roll out pizza dough; in the Dramatic Play area, they make sandwiches out of plastic foods; and at lunch, they fold real tortillas to push vegetables onto their forks.  There are so many ways to explore bread!

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How to make bread in a bag:



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