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Welcome To Mrs. Aron’s and Ms. Ana’s 3K



On behalf of my self Mrs. Aron and my teacher’s assistant, Ms. Ana, we would like to welcome you all to our class web site. We hope that your children have a safe and wonderful year in our class.

Welcome and thank you for visiting! We look forward to working with you and your child on the journey in becoming life-long learners.  If you need to reach me or have a question, please send an email or give me a call.

School Office Number: 718-843-0914

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Ber om globalt fokus på sand | Norges geologiske undersøkelse



Why Investigate Sand?

        Most children love to explore and play with sand.  Sand is particularly appealing to young children.  they love to dig holes in sand, scoop it into containers, watch it pour out of containers, and add water to create sculptures and fill molds.  Many children like the movement, color, and texture of sand.  Children are often drawn to sand, from wiggling their toes to feel how the sand shifts under their feet to digging and uncovering treasures hidden in the sand.

         Children are fascinated by how sand feels, how it moves, and how it is used.  They can learn a lot about sand through hands-on experiences: they examine different types of sand, its physical properties, and the way in which people use sand in everyday life.  A study on sand provides children with an opportunity to learn how sand is created, where it is found, and how it is used.

          This study also encourages children to explore a topic that is familiar and fascinating to them, and allows them to gather information, solve problems, imagine, and think symbolically.  Children will explore different colors and textures of sand, investigate the components of sand, how it is made, where it’s found, and whether they can make sand from other materials. 


Sand Study Vocab Words | Creative curriculum, Creative curriculum preschool,  Study creative


Creative Curriculum Sand study Word Wall Vocabulary card by Primary Peanuts


Sand Area Skills Word Cards (Teacher-Made)

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