Science Lab Rules

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It is very important that each student understands and follows the rules listed below in order for them to get the most they can from each Lab activity this year.

1- ALWAYS read all directions before beginning an activity.

2- Be sure that you understand the directions. If you do not, please ask me before continuing.

3- Listen for any special safety instructions before beginning.

4- If anything gets broken, alert the teacher immediately! DO NOT CLEAN UP BROKEN GLASS!! THAT IS MY RESPONSIBILITY!!

5- Clean all spills as quickly as possible. Alert the teacher right away.

6- Never eat or drink anything in the Lab.

7- You (your group) are responsible for putting your equipment away.

8- Stay at your table unless asked to move about. This will cut down on accidents.

9- Dispose of items only the way that you are asked to when you are asked to.

10- You will need to complete a Lab Report for every activity. These, like tests, will be sent home to be signed and then kept in Lab folders when they are returned.

11. Missed activities will need to be made up if you are absent as they make up part of your grade. While this is important for all students, it is especially so for any 8th Grader who may be taking the Earth Science Regents in June 2013 as they must complete a certain amount of Lab time in order to sit for the Regents.