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Welcome to my class page! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. You can reach me by calling the school at (718) 641-6990 or emailing me at mgambino@stelizabethca.org.

A friendly reminder: All classwork must be completed for homework if not completed in class!

As always…read, read, read!

Grade 7 Schedule 

  • 8:10 – 8:50    ELA
  • 8:50 – 9:30    Social Studies
  • 9:30 – 10:10  ELA
  • 10:10-11:30   Math
  • 11:30-12:10    i-Ready
  • 12:10-12:50    Religion (Working Snack)
  • 12:50-1:30      Science

Grade 7 Specials:

~Tuesdays: Spanish at 12:10PM

~Thursdays: Spanish at 8:10AM


Miss Gambino’s Homework – Week of 1-11-2021

Posted on December 18, 2017


*7th Grade gym will be on Thursday – Please wear your gym uniform every Thursday

*District code for HMH login is Diocese of Brooklyn Ed Office.

     ~If you are having difficulty getting into HMH, please make sure you are using Chrome and that you to not have other windows open.  (It is very sensitive.)

*All classwork not completed in class must be completed for homework.

*All students (Grades 6-8) should read for a minimum of thirty minutes a day.

*If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at mgambino@stelizabethca.org.  


6th Grade

Monday, 1-11

1. Read Ch.16 of LWTW, write a detailed summary, and complete the response questions (in Rdg. NB)

2. Continue working on storyboard for “Zoo” movie – Due: Tomorrow, 1-12-21

3. Review “Zoo” – Test: Wednesday, 1-13-21

Tuesday, 1-12

1. Complete next two pages of Handwriting book

2. Define the LWTW Ch.16 Vocabulary Words (in Rdg. NB) 

3. Write a paragraph including your choice of any three Ch.16 vocabulary words from LWTW – the topic of the paragraph does not need to be about the book (in Rdg. NB) 

Wednesday, 1-13

1. Read and annotate “Animal Snoops…” on IL pgs.119-125

Thursday, 1-14

1. Complete Check Your Understanding and Analyze the Text for “Animal Snoops…” on IL pgs.125-126 (in Rdg. NB)

Friday, 1-15

1. Complete Research on IL pg.126 (in Rdg. NB)

2. Complete rough draft of informational essay about the animal you researched – IL pg.127 (in Rdg. NB)


7th Grade

Monday, 1-11

1.  Complete GW Ex.1,2,WWYT on pg.158 (in LA NB)

2. Read and annotate “The School Days of an Indian Girl” on CT pgs.69-71 (in Rdg. NB)

Tuesday, 1-12

1. Complete CT Return to the Text #2-5 on pgs.72-73 (in Rdg. NB)

2. Complete Research on IL pg.120

3. Begin Create and Discuss on IL pg.121.  Students choose either essay or presentation – Final product is due on Friday, 1-15-21

Wednesday, 1-13

1. Complete CT Comprehension Check on pg.74 (in Rdg. NB)

2. Complete GW Ex.1,2 on pg.160 (in LA NB)

Thursday, 1-14

1. Read and write a summary for Ch.1-7 of Nothing But the Truth (in Rdg. NB)

Friday, 1-15

1. Complete Critical Vocabulary, Vocabulary Strategy, and Language Conventions on IL pgs.122-123 (in Rdg. NB)

2. Complete GW Ex.1,2 on pg.162 (in LA NB)


8th Grade

Monday, 1-11

1. Complete CT Analyze and Synthesize Across Texts on pgs.82-83 (in Rdg. NB)

2. Review “Book of Unknown Americans” – Test: Wednesday, 1-13-21

Tuesday, 1-12

1. Read, annotate, and analyze “Spirit Walking in the Tundra” on IL pgs.203-204

2. Complete Check Your Understanding and Research on IL pgs.205-206 (in Rdg. NB)

Wednesday, 1-13

1. Read and analyze IOBA Poems #97-108 (in Rdg. NB)

Thursday, 1-14

1. Complete Analyze the Text on IL pg.206 (in Rdg. NB)

Friday, 1-15

1. Complete Write a Poem on IL pg.207 (in Rdg. NB)







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