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April 7

Today’s assignments:


  1. submit a picture for attendance on Classdojo
  2. EducationCity: there are several assignments, please continue to work through. When your child does the writing activity please post to Classdojo.
  3. Zearn: work through assignments for 20 minutes
  4. Try logging into Ed your friend in learning , IF you can get in work in IRead for 20 minutes. Remember you HAVE to use the googlechrome search to get into Ed your friend in learning.
  5. The good news is I have found 2 sites for reading and math that look much easier to access and they mirror the programs I use so yay! I will send out that information tomorrow so you’ll have the Easter break to log in and set up before I dive in to instruction with it after break.


Below you will find all the details to our reading curriculum, which children need to get into. It’s frustrating I know, don’t give up.Read, spend 20 mintues playing the games, again I can see time on, attempts, scores. 

  Instructions for getting into the reading program.

You must use GOOGLECHROME to access the site ( i don’t know why)

in the googlechrome search bar type Ed Your friend in learning ( follow directions below)

  1. HMH Login-Ed: your friend in learning  should be the first thing that pops it!
  1. sign in screen : you may have to enter the following information: but it should say You are signing into the DIOCESE OF Brooklyn Ed Office, 11215, or it may say search or find district..we want Diocese Of Brooklyn Ed Office 11215
  2. Username: is your child’s first name and the number 19 ex: Julia19
  3. Password for all is abc123
  4. once in you can go to assignments, there are several books the children can read by themselves and the alphafriends videos. Perhaps if need be I can Zoom conference with parents to figure it out!

I’m here for you and wish I could do more, these are frustrating times, however just know that as long as I;m guiding you the parent on how to proceed we will all be just fine, These children are eager to learn and rather quick too! I’ll post again shortly









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