Harvard Trip

Last Friday, we took a group of students who are part of our MiddyFund Social Entrepreneurship program to Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts to present their project to Harvard’s Graduate School of Education Innovation and Ventures in Education group. MiddyFund teaches middle school students to use design thinking to find innovative solutions to the problems they face in their community. This year the projects were: Stress Press – where students help students to deal with the stress they are feeling in their lives; The Purifers whose aim is to find creative ways to recycle used water bottles so that they do not find their ways into landfills, oceans, and rivers. Finally, At My Business Bank addresses the need to help young men and women become more financially literate.  Our students did a wonderful job of selling their ideas and then they received really valuable feedback from members of HIVE that will help our students to further their ideas. 

A big thank you goes out to Miss Gambino and Miss Maracina, who work with our Middy Fund students after school each week. We are also grateful to all the MiddyFund mentors who give up their time to work with our SECA students. Finally, we thank Revana Rahman and Koheb Rahman who are the directors of Middy Fund for their dedication to our students and to our program.