Mrs. Reicino’s Tips for Success

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To get awesome grades in ALL my classes, I will:

  • Make FLASH cards (one side the word, the other the definition and an example). I can quiz myself or my friends with the cards.
  • Practice problems from my textbook or my notebook.
  • Play skill games on the computer (Renzulli and Mathletics, …check Mrs. Reicino’s websites for more)
  • Teach a friend, brother/sister, parent…ANYONE! If I can teach them, I KNOW what I am doing!
  • Design a study sheet with IMPORTANT information. Tricks, hints and pictures.
  • HELP a FRIEND…Make up songs, poems, chants and Acronyms like Does McDonald’s Sell Cheese Burgers
  • Get a STUDY-BUDDY and work TOGETHER!
  • Find a QUIET spot to work helps you study!

My teachers and my family want me to do well in everything I do!

If I don’t study, I am going to FAIL. This will make my parents/guardians VERY unhappy!