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Welcome to 4th Grade.  

Most messages will be posted here on this website and also on Option C.  Please log in to Option C often for important messages.  

Remind is also used in case of any changes to our schedule that are immediate.


Topic: Grade 4 Open House Meeting
Time: Sep 15, 2020 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 738 9199 0112
Passcode: 3NniMx

Hope to see you there.

Mrs. Reicino

At-home Learning Week #4 (April 6-8)

Posted on April 6, 2020

This is a very short week and the LAST notice of assignments on this page.  All assignments will be posted by a weekly agenda on Google Classroom.  Thanks.

We will be going on Easter break starting Thursday, April 9 – Sunday, April 19.  Remote learning will resume on Monday, April 20

There will be NO assignments given during Easter break. 

I will send out a ‘Staycation’ activity sheet for the students to peruse during their time off.  It will include virtual tours to the zoos, National parks, and aquariums.  Look for that on Google Classroom on Wednesday!

Zoom will be Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week.

Assignments for this week:

MONDAY, April 6

ELA: 1) Daily reading log.  2) EdPuzzle: Mr. Ferris and his Wheel 3) Writing: Research Plan

Math:  Lesson 29

Science:  Animal Tracking worksheet


TUESDAY, April 7

ELA:    1) Daily Reading Log. 2) Writing: Research Plan


At-Home Learning – Week 3 (March 30 – April 3)

Posted on March 30, 2020

Please be patient with websites as MILLIONS of children are also trying to do their work on these sites. Encourage your child to pace themselves to also do work later in the morning and even in the afternoon. I have NO control if your computer cannot access the sites, just restart browsers (use Google Chrome), restart computers/iPads, and most of all DO NOT PANIC.   Live – ZOOM MEETINGS – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10 am

MONDAY, March 30

Friday’s Math Test (Lessons 18-21) is due. Please email me at with pictures of your child’s completed test, or attached to the Google classroom assignment.
Friday’s Vocabulary Quiz is also due. This is a Google form on Google Classroom.

1) HMH Assignment: Read/Listen Focal Text – Mr. Ferris and His Wheel
2) Daily Reading Log – (after 20 or more minutes of reading)
3) Watch- Prefix or Suffix by the Bazillions.
Then complete “Recognizing Root words in Multisyllabic words” pg. 99- KISI book. Complete the Google Form with your answers from the KISI book.

1)Watch Lesson 27 Video and complete Module 5 Lesson 27 Homework (4.NF.A.2) – Comparing Mixed Numbers
2) > Complete Tower of Power for Lesson 27
3) Play Mathletics. MathBowl 2020 starts today!! Let’s make SECA #1!

Complete Chapter 5 Lesson 3 about complete all activities and complete the Quiz at the end – PearsonRealize.

TUESDAY, March 31

ELA: 1) Daily Reading Log. 2) Week 8 Vocabulary – definition & sentences

Math:  1) EdPuzzle.  2) Mathletics

Social Studies:  Patriots vs. Loyalists video and google form



ELA:  1) Daily Reading Log. 2) Vocabulary – Synonyms /Antonyms

MATH:  1) Lesson 28. 2) Mathletics MathBowl

RELIGION:  The tridiuum



ELA:  1)HMH assignments a)Gwendolyn Brooks. b)Write a book review. c) Screencast


SCIENCE:  Chapter 5 Lesson 4






At-Home Learning # 2- Week of March 23

Posted on March 23, 2020

MONDAY – March 23, 2020 – (ELA, Math, Social Studies) – Due Wednesday, March 25

MATH: Watch Math Chat Lesson 24 – Complete #1 & 2 only

1)HMH Module 5 Week 1 – Watch Get Curious Video for Module Kick-off
Read “Why Art Matters” pg. 316 – 317 – Complete Google Form after you read on Anchor Chart on Ideas and Support (Facts & Opinions)
2)Daily Reading Log
3)Vocabulary – Week 7 in Vocabulary Journal copy words, definition, write a sentence for each word.
Weeks 5/6 Quiz Friday.

Math: Watch Zearn Math chat lesson 24, then complete Lesson 24 # 1 and 2 only. (Everyone is set to lesson 29, just go back to lesson 24)

Social Studies: Watch the video and Read pages 100 – 101 about the French and Indian War

TUESDAY – March 24 – (ELA, Math, Religion)
ELA: Daily Reading Log (Read for 20 minutes today)
Vocabulary: Synonyms and Antonyms of this week’s words. Tomorrow I will present the answer key for you to check.
Reading: HMH Prepare to Read: The Beatles Were Fab (and They Were Funny).

Math: NEW video from Mrs. Reicino – Watch the video and complete the Module 5 Lesson 25 HW page on Test Friday, Lessons Lessons 18 – 21 (adding/subtracting fractions with same and different denominators)
Religion: Read pages 232-234 and 236 on Lent. Answer the 3 questions on Google Forms. Due Thursday.

WEDNESDAY – March 25 – (ELA, Math, Science)
ELA: Daily Reading (20 minutes)
HMH: Read/Listen The Beatles Were Fab (and They Were Funny)
Complete Google Form on what you read at the same you read the story. Use your mybook pg. 319-338 to take notes.
Math: 2 Videos today: Module 5 Lesson 26 and Review for Test on Friday. Complete on Lesson 26. MODULE 5 Lessons 18-21 TEST FRIDAY – Study, study, study

Science: Chapter 5 Lesson 2. Complete PearsonRealize assignment.

At-Home Assignments – Week of March 17, 2020

Posted on September 9, 2019

Tuesday, March 17: Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
ELA – Re-read/Listen “Battle of the Alamo”. Complete the Journal Entry
MATH – Complete Lesson 35 Tower of Power. (Goal is to complete 4-5 every week)
Science – 2 Mystery Science Mini-Lessons and complete reflection page in Google Classroom.
Submit when done.


Wednesday, March 18:

ELA: Daily Reading Log (try to read between 15 – 25 minutes every day). Use HMH Digital Rigby Library for books.
Grammar: Too, to and two? Watch the video and complete the form. There will be a digital quiz on the Battle of the Alamo on Friday!! Re-read the story a few times, please.
Math: Complete Math chat and Tower of Power for Lesson 36 and complete Mathletics assignment on Multiplying Fractions.
NOTE: Will will be skipping back a few lessons tomorrow…stay tuned.
Social Studies: Watch the video on Saratoga National Park. Read textbook pages 97 – 99. Complete the Google form with the questions.


Thursday, March 19 – Happy St. Joseph’s Day!

TOMORROW:  ZOOM VIDEO CONFERENCE WITH THE STUDENTS FRIDAY at 10AM-10:30AM!  I will attach the link their today’s Google Classroom assignment.  Please make sure students try to attend.  We will have another one on Monday morning.

BOOKS/SUPPLIES:  Ms. Shannon will have the St. Elizabeth’s building will be open FRIDAY from 9am – 11am tomorrow only!!  This is to pick up any missing books or an iPad.

ELA: Daily Reading Log (try to read between 15 – 25 minutes every day). Use HMH Digital Rigby Library for books.
HMH: Complete the March Growth Measure. Quiz tomorrow – Battle of the Alamo >>> Re-read the story again to get a good score on the quiz.
Math: Complete Math chat and Tower of Power for LESSON 22 and put the Lesson 22 Homework answers in the link below.
Religion: Read the Holy Season of Lent and complete the Lent Reflection form about Lenten sacrifices.



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