Grade 2 – Mrs. Joanne Stallone – Announcements and Homework


All Students must answer the Daily Attendance question in Class Dojo to be counted present with attendance for school between 9 am and 10 am.  After 10 am you will be considered late to school.

No sacraments this year. See message at the end regarding Sacraments. Scroll all the way to the bottom of this page.

Work for May 6th

Reading: HMH Story at Zoom Meeting

Math: Module 5 Lesson 6 Video and Succeed Pages

Social Studies: Watch Brainpop Jr Video on Rural, Urban, Suburban Write About It Acitivity.


Work for May 1st

See Class Dojo or Goggle Classroom for work.


Work for  April 27th

Reading:  Know it Show it pages 112 & 113  Start Right Reader on HMH Read Queen and share Story Break with a partner at home.

Math: Mission 27  Then watch video and do Succeed pages for Module 4 Lesson 27.

Religion:  Read pages 192-195 to learn about first part of mass, the Liturgy of the Word.


Work for April 23rd

Reading:  Work will be assigned during our GoogleMeet today. Blue Group at 10:30 and Gold Group at 1:00

Math: Zearn Mission 26  then  Succeed Homework pages Lesson 26

Religion: Read pages 188-191. Gospel Reading and Craft :The Road to Emmaus on Class Dojo and Google Classroom

Work for April 22nd

Reading: HMH Reading  Reread Hollywood Chicken  Take the Quiz.

Then complete the Write a Movie Ad activity

Math: Watch my video on Class Dojo or Google Classroom

Them Mission 25  Succeed pages #1 a,c,e, and g #2 and #3 word problems

Social Studies:    Watch Landforms and Volcanos videos. See Class Dojo for Vocabulary cut and paste sort



Work for April 21st :  see Class ODojo or Google Classroom
Work for April 20th

Reading: HMH Know it Show it Books pages 103-105  Assignment on website..Read Hollywood Chicken. Stop at Turn and Talk Questions, share one or two with an adult. Discussion tomorrow at Google Meet.

Math: Mission 23. Watch YouTube video (see link in Dojo or Google Classroom) complete Succeed pages for Lesson 23.

Religion: Read pages 308 to 310. Complete activity on page 310. This finishes our work on Easter.


Work for  April 8th

Reading: Go on Epic and find Assignment: Easter Around the World. Read book. Then in your notebook choose your TWO favorite countries and write about each country’s Easter Traditions. Then write me about something your family does that would be considered a tradition.

Then complete If I were the Easter Bunny worksheet.

Math: Complete Zearn Mission 22.  This Mission is all about looking at numbers and finding sums of ten to add. We have done this before. Facts of ten, 2+8, 7+3, except they will show them bigger numbers.

Gospel Reflection for Easter will be posted in Class Dojo and on Remind. Due 4/20.


Work for April 7th:

Reading: Log into Education City. Complete the two new My Cities in Classwork. Use what your learn to edit your writing from Brainpop Jr about the five senses and the beach or baking a cake.  All writing is due by 8 pm today to be graded. Please proofread carefully.

Math:  Complete Zearn Mission 21. Then complete ONE math question posted on Class Dojo/ Goggle Classroom in your notebook. Use math vocabulary in your writing answer.

Religion: Watch YouTube video Holy Week for Children.  Complete worksheets posted on Class Dojo or in Goggle Classroom.  If trying to open in Dojo you will have to send me an email to share them. The assignment is to draw things you remember happening on these days in the boxes ad color.

Please try to set up your Goggle Account today and join our Classroom.


Work for April 6th
 Please log into HMH IRead for 25/30 mins today.  Some students are not spending enough time on this when assigned. 
Then go to Brainpop Jr. for a writing assignment.  Go to Reading and Writing, click on Writing, then Writing with the Senses. Watch video, then complete EITHER the Activity or Write About it assignments. Please plan your writing. It will be graded for content, spelling, punctuation, and grammar.  It will be due by Wednesday at noon.

Math: Zearn Mission 20 Then Succeed pages for Module 4 Lesson 20.

Religion:  Gospel Reflections were due today. We will watch a video together at our Zoom meeting.

Work for  April 3rd

Reading:  Go onto HMH Sign into IRead and work for 30 mins. Then go to Epic and read a book of your choosing.

Math: Do Lesson 19 Succeed pages ( we are skipping 18).

Do all questions. Remember to write your sentence for the word problem.  

Social Studies: Go to Brainpop Jr. Go to Social Studies, then Geography. Find Landforms video and watch. Then complete Draw it OR Write it. Complete online then upload picture of work to Dojo.

Religion Gospel Reflection upload to Class Dojo due Monday.


Work for April 2nd

Reading: On HMH Reading, find the assignment Prepare to Read, A Crow, A Lion, A Mouse, Oh My!  Complete text boxes.  Do not do Turn and Talk Questions, but do WRITE A THANK YOU NOTE online. Make sure your child rereads their writing before moving on.

Math:  Students should complete Zearn Mission 19.Tomorrow we will be watching my videos about Lesson 19 and then completing Succeed problems.  They have been reviewing composing a ten and the learning composing a hundred with models which is easier online.  Then we will learn the vertical equations tomorrow.   I know Mathletics is having some issues but the Math Bowl is still happening so log on if you can. It end Sunday at 2 pm.

Religion:  Read book pages 238 to 240 on The Three Days, as they call it. It is the beginning of our work about Holy Week. Please visit and down the left side of the page click on Palm Sunday and watch a short little YouTube video that will explain the day in about a 2 minute clip.  Please watch it.  Then I am sending a fun Holy Week Project color/paste activity.  It will be posted on Class Dojo and through Remind.  

Work for April 1st

Reading:   On HMH Reading, Read RABBIT ‘S SNOW DANCE before our Zoom meeting.  After our discussion, divide a notebook page in two parts.  On one part draw a picture of Rabbit at the beginning of the story. Write a sentence about his conflict,  we will discuss this at our meeting.  Then on the other half, draw a picture of Rabbit at the end of the story and write a sentence if his conflict was solved or not, again this will be discussed at our meeting.

Math:  Log into Zearn and complete Mission 18. Tomorrow videos will be sent of me teaching a lesson before completing Succeed pages. Please watch the videos BEFORE doing work book pages.

Social Studies:  Log onto Brainpop Jr.  Today click Social Studies, then Geography.  Find Reading Maps and watch video.  Take easy or hard quiz or both.  Then if you can print, do Activity.  Print it, complete it, and send me a picture of it. If you can’t print, do Write About It in your notebooks.


Work for  3/31

Reading: Leveled Readers and a quiz on HMH.  Students are grouped today. One group is reading The Troll Under the Bridge and the other group is reading The Singing Princess.  Each has a quiz assigned to take after reading.

Math: Complete Zearn Mission 17.  Then try Mathletics to compete in the Math Bowl. Do some activities assigned for points.

Science: Log into Brainpop Jr.  (see morning message for log in) Go to SCIENCE and watch CLASSIFYING ANIMALS. Using your notebook, draw your favorite animal and tell me what group do you think they belong to.  Then write 3 things that make your animal part of that group.  Please write in complete sentences when telling about your animal.


Work for  3/30

Reading: Log into HMH Reading.  Assignment read At Home with Kris.  Complete the Compare and a Contrast questions at the end of the story in your notebook.

Math: Please sign into Mathletics and compete in the Math Bowl.  Do at least 5 activities every day.  Let’s be in the Top Ten again!  More information posted in Class Dojo.

Religion: Read and complete work in Chapter 16. Read pages 184-187. Complete activity on 187. Just upload a picture of  page 187 when complete.


Work for today, 3/27

Reading: Know it Show it pages 92 and 93.  Log into Education City for assignment called Spelling/Fairy Tale. Education City due by Tuesday.

Math:  Zearn Mission 16. Succeed Book Questions #2 and #3 ONLY. Please use RDW and tape diagrams to solve so we can have some practice with that model.  Students do not need to model with chips/disks, they can just do vertical subtraction/addition.

Religion: Gospel Reflection answer question in Class Dojo

Science: Fun Art Activity…We don’t see too many leaves yet, but let’s see how creative we can be. Can you make some paper leaves and then creat a picture using leaves? (Leaves can be made with construction paper or white paper, draw, color, and cut out some leaves to create.)


Work for 3/26

Reading:  First complete Know it Show it vocabulary page 96. (Words for our next story)  Log in HMH find Assignment HOW TO READ A STORY.  ( different from How to FIND a story)… then take assigned quiz.  You do not have to do Turn and Talk.

IRead for 20 mins.

Math:  Succeed Lesson 15 pages. Use math language to describe work in response question.  Describe position of numbers, tens/ones place…decompose : trade one ten for ten ones.

Science:  Log in IXL and complete two science assignments..1. Classify fruit/vegetables and 2. Plant parts and functions

Have some fun today too!

Work for 3/25

Reading: Complete Know it Show it page 91. These are words you will see when you read today. Log into HMH and find assignmentRead in Times Past: A Grand Life. Read the story.  When you get to the end questions share with an adult or older sibling your answers.  THEY DO  NOT HAVE TO BE WRITTEN DOWN.  Then sign into IRead for 20 mins.  We were also instructed by the Superintendent that students should be reading at least 30 mins a day independently.  Please try to do so.

Math:  Complete Zearn Mission 15.

Social Studies: Creat a map of your house.  Use plain or construction paper, markers, crayons, pencil. Draw and label your map. Make a Map Key and give your map a title.  If you want to try it, you may draw using tools in Class Dojo. Try your best. Maps can be due Friday to give you plenty of time to create. Look on EPIC for some books I have sent you to help, especially the one called Map Parts.


Work for 3/24

Reading: HMH Read How to Find a Story.  Skip Turn and Talk, go to Write About It.  Complete work on paper or in HW notebook.  Draw and write two new steps.  

Math:  Succeed Book Lesson 13 Do Only Question #2 letters a, b, and c.  Then Lesson 14, Do Only Question #1 a,b,and c, and Question #3 complete word problem using RDW read, draw, write. Total 7 questions and one word problem ( all parts)

Science:  on EPIC read Cooking with Sunshine.  Then go to link on Remind and print worksheet. If you can’t print, they should draw a flower, soil, sun, rain, in their notebooks to show and label the steps of photosynthesis learned from the book.


Work for 3/23

Math:  Log into Zearn and Complete Missions 13 and 14

Reading: Log into HMH and complete Be A Hero, Work It Out assignment.  Then complete Let’s Wrap Up for Module 3.

There are two books to read in EPIC by Wednesday.

Religion: Finish Chapter 15. Read pages 178 and 179. Complete Project page 180 and Chapter Test on page 182


Work for 3/20

Math: Sign into Mathletics and complete activities assigned.

Remember capital letters for initials in username, lowercase word and number for password.

Reading: Sign into Epic. Go to your mailbox. Read Clever Trevor and take the quiz.  Quiz can be found by clicking three dots in top left corner of book page and click quiz.

Religion: Read 176 and 177 and complete activity on 177.

Sign into new site Do skills assigned then explore. Usernames and passwords sent on Remind. Sign in, click Recommendations tab, look for little Gold Star, click and compete skills I have assigned. Then go explore.


Work for 3/19 is

Math: Complete Lesson 12 Succeed pages. See Class Dojo for a picture of how to complete work. I am trying to get a video up too. Submit a photo of work on Class Dojo or through email when complete.

Reading: Sign into HMH and log in IRead for 20 mins this morning and 20 mins this afternoon.  Complete all work from Tuesday and Wednesday. Some students have “feedback” on yesterday’s work to make changes. Please do so.

Social Studies:  We are going to try to log into to complete Chapter 2 Lesson 1 in our social studies book online.

Log ins are : Mathletics Usernames and password for everyone is seca2019.  Please work on Lesson 1 EText Lesson first. Then you could try the other assignments sent. 
Good Luck!

Tomorrow is Silly Sock Day….see Class Dojo for more info.

Work for  3/18 is…

Math:  Lesson 12 only.  If you want more practice sign onto Mathletics, I have assigned some work that is similar to what we are doing.

Reading: HMH Ed Our Friend in Learning website.

Go to assignments. Complete Prepare to Read More Than One Way to Win and the Read More Than One Way to Win.  (See my morning letter  on Option C for tips on reading and submitting work.)

Science: Go back on HMH and read the Leveled Reader, How Living Things Help Each Other, and take quiz. Be careful taking the quiz. Slow down and read questions carefully.

After reading sign back into Class DoJo and complete the Science Activity in your Portfolio.

Work for  3/17 was:
Math: Lesson 11.  If you have done Lesson 11, you can repeat it or go back to a previous Lesson you didn’t complete for today only. Tomorrow we will move on together to Lesson 12.

Reading: HMH…Go to assignments.  Read Pepita and the Bully and take quiz.  Education City Classwork activities with consonant diagraphs due by Friday.

Religion: Chapter 15  Read pages 172-175. Complete work on 175. Take picture and send it to me.

Science: Tomorrow


************IMPORTANT DATES:



New dates will be announced in September!