Google Classroom and Zoom

Hello Parents! 

The teachers here at St. Elizabeth are rapidly trying to figure out the best way to stay in contact with you and your child. As of right now, we will be using two forms of media: Google Classroom and Zoom. Google Classroom may be familiar to some of you, as older siblings might be using it in their classes. On this site, I will be able to post videos and activities for you to do with your child. When I have it up and running, and I will send you the link. As always, please be patient. I have used Google classroom only once briefly, and am not entirely sure what I am doing. I am getting support, but please be patient as I try to upload the videos and activities. This should be up by Monday, March 23. 

For Google classroom to work, every child must have a “gmail” account. Our principal, Ms. Shannon, will be making these email addresses for your child (so please don’t create one yourself!). Now, I have the emergency contact information that you filled out, and I did ask for email addresses. However, sometimes email addresses don’t work, or you prefer one over the other. Either way, please send me an email at: 

Please write how your family is doing and your child’s name, so I’m absolutely sure of who this email is from. Over the weekend Ms. Shannon will give me your child’s school email address and I will pass it along to you. From there I will be able to log you in to the Google Classroom (or I will have to send you a code – see I’m figuring it out at the same time as you). 

For Zoom, this is a video chat site. One day a week, I would like to video chat with you and your child to see that everyone is doing well. I don’t know if this is going to be a group chat or one-on-one. I will give you a specific time and day for when I will talk to you and your child, so you are prepared.

As always, I will keep you updated on any new developments. 

Stay safe (and healthy!) 

Ms. Megan