Family Connection for October

Throughout the year we like to keep our family members involved as to what is going on in your child’s classroom. We encourage you to read to your child every night and talk to them about their day in school.

During this month you can do these fun activities with your child and they can share with the class.

Go apple/pumpkin picking, bring in apples or pictures.

Bring in different colored leaves, pine cones, bark, stick and acorns.

Make leaves by using rubbing crayons. Write the word “leaves”.

Bring in a picture of your child raking or playing in the leaves.

Have your child paint or draw a picture of a tree labeling the different parts.

Bring in fruits that grow on trees.

Go on a hike, to the park. Examine the trees with your child.

Count the trees on your block.

Have your child trace leaves and color.

Collect parts of trees. Encourage your child to sort them. Your child might also enjoy making a collage by arranging and gluing tree items on paper.