Clothing Theme

Dear Families,

We recently noticed that the children are very interested in clothes. They talk about clothes, put them on and take them off, compare clothes and add clothing details to their dressings. We think clothes will make an interesting study.

As we study clothes, we will learn concepts and skills in literacy, math, science social studies, the arts and technology. We’ll also use thinking skills to investigate, ask questions, solve problems, make predictions, and test our ideas.

What You Can Do at Home

Talk with your child about clothes. Examine the fabric together and discuss how the clothes were made. Look at the labels to find out where the clothes were made and identify the fabric.  Look at pictures from the past and note how the clothing differs from clothing today.

Teach your child to stitch. Use a large plastic needle and yarn; make stitches on burlap or felt.

When you shop for clothes, help your child notice how clothes are organized in the store and offer a simple explanation of how you compare prices.

We have transformed our Dramatic Play area into a laundromat, where the children pretend to wash and dry clothes. At the end of our study, we’ll have a special event called Fashion Fun Friday, where the children will come dressed in their favorite outfit, walk the runway and talk about their outfit. Thank you for playing an important role in our learning.

-Mrs. Hennessy

November’s Theme

We are wrapping up our Tree Study and  will begin learning about Buildings.

~  What buildings are 

~ How buildings help us

~ To identify different types of buildings in our neighborhood and other places around the world

~ Buildings are made from a variety of materials

~ How people use buildings

~ To identify the parts of a building

~ What goes on inside a building

~ How buildings are special


During this month you can do these fun activities with your child and they can share with the class.

Make buildings out of different materials.

Write the word “building”.

Go for a walk and examine buildings in your community.

Have your child paint or draw a picture of their favorite building.

Count the buildings on your block.

Collect pictures of buildings. Encourage your child to sort them. Your child might also enjoy making a collage by arranging and gluing buildings on paper.

Tentative Calendar for 2020-2021


September 10: First Day of School for Students


October 12: Columbus Day- SCHOOL CLOSED


November 11- Veterans Day- SCHOOL CLOSED 

November 26 AND 27: Holiday Break- SCHOOL CLOSED



December 11: Parent/ Teacher Conference- Early Dismissal 12:00 p.m.

December 23 UNTIL January 3: Holiday Break- SCHOOL CLOSED


January 4: Classes Resume

January 18: Martin Luther King Day- SCHOOL CLOSED


February 15 UNTIL February 21: Mid- Winter Recess- SCHOOL CLOSED

February 22: Classes Resume


March 25: Parent/ teacher Conference- Early Dismissal 12:00 p.m.




April 5 UNTIL April 11: Spring Break- SCHOOL CLOSED

April 12: Classes Resume


May 31: Memorial Day- SCHOOL CLOSED


June 25: First Possible day for School Closing

Calendar is tentative. There will be 4 Professional Development Days throughout the school year. On these days, there will be no school for students. One the dates are released by the Department of Education a notice will be sent out!

October Theme

October’s theme is all about Trees! We are observing and comparing trees to learn:

 *What lives in them?

 *What food comes from trees?

 *Who cares for them?

 *How they change and what can we do with parts of trees?

If you are able to take a “tree walk” with your child, we would appreciate your help in collecting tree parts to investigate.  You and your child can collect things such as fall leaves, acorns, pinecones, twigs, branches or tree bark. Please send in a ziploc bag with your child’s name. This is a great opportunity for your child to talk about their findings!

Family Connection for October

Throughout the year we like to keep our family members involved as to what is going on in your child’s classroom. We encourage you to read to your child every night and talk to them about their day in school.

During this month you can do these fun activities with your child and they can share with the class.

Go apple/pumpkin picking, bring in apples or pictures.

Bring in different colored leaves, pine cones, bark, stick and acorns.

Make leaves by using rubbing crayons. Write the word “leaves”.

Bring in a picture of your child raking or playing in the leaves.

Have your child paint or draw a picture of a tree labeling the different parts.

Bring in fruits that grow on trees.

Go on a hike, to the park. Examine the trees with your child.

Count the trees on your block.

Have your child trace leaves and color.

Collect parts of trees. Encourage your child to sort them. Your child might also enjoy making a collage by arranging and gluing tree items on paper.



**Please remember to sign up for our Google Classroom using the username and password that was handed out to you. Also please sign up for the Remind app. Any questions please email me at

**Please remember to fill out and send in a health form everyday with your child.

**Our Breakfast and Lunch is provided from NYC DOE. Their menus can be found on the website under Prek-8 Express cold lunch.

Learn At Home Resources

Dear Parents,

I hope you and your families are well, healthy, and safe. While our school is closed there are many resources you can use to help with your child’s learning at home.

Please take a look at this website and I will stay in touch with you as I receive updated resources and supports from administration.

Take care,

Mrs. Hennessy