Hello All!

First, I want to state how much I miss everyone dearly. And cannot wait to see everyone. I hope everyone is taking the proper precautions to keep you and your family safe!

I have sent out an email in regards to remote learning on Google Classroom. If you have not received an Email from me please reach out to me. Email me with your Child’s name at: sacquista@stelizabethca.org

Once you email me I will send you information on how to sign on into Goggle Classroom to begin your child’s education from home!

Let’s look at the bright side: we have found a way in which to video chat with the children. I would like to do a trial run on Friday March 27,2020 at 10:00 a.m. This Friday’s video chat will just to say hello and to see how everyone is doing and help clarify any concerns! Also, since we are discussing Pets, many of your children have expressed to me that they have a pet at home! Let’s use this opportunity to show our friends our pets at home 🙂 We will be using an application called Zoom! Attached below are instructions in which you can follow in order to join the video conference! If everything goes well I hope to continue to do these video chats about two times a week.

Second, I want to thank everyone who has already signed up for goggle classroom! This is a new experience for me as it is for you so please feel free to provide any feedback! Assignments have been posted for your child to complete at their leisure times. Please try and complete them to the best of your ability. Many attached documents are to be completed by the guardians, however in words that your child has dictated. For example, you (the guardian) ask the question. Allow for your child to respond and you write down your child’s exact response. Please feel free to attach photos and/or comments of your child completing an activity, or with a completed activity! This will be a great way for everyone to engage, see our friends, share thoughts and even ideas with one another!

Lastly, Please advise that I will be setting up a form in which will allow me to take attendance daily, that way I know who has signed on to google classroom each day. It can be completed at anytime throughout each day!

Thank you and I am looking forward to hopefully seeing you all this Friday!