Homework Week of 3/11/2019

Day of Week 5th Grade ELA 5th Grade Math 6th Grade Math 7th Grade Math 8th Grade Math
Mon Finish work started in class No Homework No Homework Exam on Integers No Homework
Tues No Homework Review Questions the were covered in class.

Quiz tomorrow based on the questions.

Review material covered in class. Look at how one can create conversion factors given equal quantities. Spanish Review content covered in class.  on how to manipulate linear equations to the line formula form.
Wed No Homework No Homework Review material covered in class, start on the second sample problem. Reivew material covered in class. Review answers for homework,

Quiz on Friday

Thurs Direct Object worksheet on Google Classroom Text book page 228-229 Question numbers 1-23 odd Spanish Interest Rate  Inspection of linear equations
Fri No Homework No Homework Finish activity that is due today.

Worksheet to be done by Monday

Review Classwork on how to calculate interest rates. Quiz today No Homework
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